Beach at Twilight

Ever year on Christmas, after our tummies are full to the brim with seafood, bread, potatoes, and turkey (and salad… although that’s not really a filler!) the family stroll down to the nearby back beach and watch the beaming sun dip beneath the vast sea. The water catching the sunrays and sending it back to us in glistening crystals on the surface of the ocean. What a sight to see my friends! Not even the photos taken can really reflect the true beauty!
Simply the raw, stripped back, beautifully rough view of the beach after a day filled with laughter, giving, food (of course!) and all that Christmas can bring. One of the greatest times of the year!

As we are away on holidays, cooking and baking (sadly) are coming secondary to relaxing on the shorelines and sleeping – but have no fear! I will be posting photos of the adventures we have gone on and showing you pictures of some of my favourite places in the world!
So sit back and enjoy! :)
beach wavesbeach sunsetbush pathwayseagull beachbeach pathwayseagulls on beach

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!
Have a great rest of the week and a Happy New Year!
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    • thank-you chloe and sarah!
      and couldn’t agree more – there’s nothing better than the beach at sunset :)

    • thank-you! It’s the mornington peninsula in Victoria :)
      Such a beautiful place :)

  1. Very pretty, I would love to be there now. Our water is frozen now. It’s ice fishing time here. I love the heat though, so I’d rather be there :) Have a Happy New Year!!

    • thank-you! :) Ooo lovely wintertime!
      it is so nice with the warmth – the slippers are now collecting dust in the cupboard! 😛
      Happy New Year! :)

    • Thank-you very much!! :) That’s so kind of you!
      Congrats on receiving it yourself! You most certainly deserved it too :)

  2. Great photos …. they make want me walk along the sea now … the top photo is my favorite … will take a walk later.

    • thank-you very much! 😀
      it was peaceful – it was only my sister and i on the whole beach!
      and thank-you for your lovely comments! :)

    • thank-you very much! 😀
      it was an awesome way to spend the end of Christmas day :)

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