Wanderlust – New York City

With my friend jetting off to the Big Apple these Winter holidays, it’s only natural for my mind to wander and dream of the wonderful “concrete jungle” that is New York City. Ever since I can remember I have always wished to go this exciting place.
I know the dream is a bit cliche, but hey – it’s New York! What’s not to love?!

Even the name gives me goosebumps!

I love just a good ponder, imagining a walk through central park, or venturing through Time Square, seeing the spectacles of broadway, driving across the Brooklyn Bridge, watching the ball drop on New Years Eve, hailing those yellow cabs, and simply exploring the city that never sleeps.

So here are some pictures to inspire and get you excited to visit one of the greatest cities in the world!

New York City SkylineNYC SKYLINEwww.flickr.com }

New York City Central ParkCENTRAL PARK { www.fotopedia.com }

New York City Times SquareTIMES SQUARE { www.joeyblsphotography.com }

New York City Central ParkCENTRAL PARK VIEW { www.thumbpress.com }

New York City yellow cabsYELLOW CABS { www.thumbpress.com }

New York City Brooklyn BridgeBROOKLYN BRIDGE { www.globe-walls.com }

New York City FallNYC IN AUTUMN { www.lostmanproject.com }

New York City Central Park  WinterCENTRAL PARK LADENED IN SNOW { kufarooq.blogspot.com }

A city for all seasons with plenty to see and do!
That’s one destination hitting the bucket list!

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  1. NYC is exciting, I have lived here for a long time and never really tire of the sights. I hope your friends have a wonderful time visiting our beautiful city!

    • that’s awesome!! what a thrill to live in such an amazing city! :)
      when i finally save up some money to travel there i know who i’ll be asking for some great places & cafes to go and visit! 😛

    • i wish i could just be carried in my friends suitcase 😛
      the pictures just make me want to go even more…. giving me something to save up for! 😛

  2. Beautiful photos! I miss this city as well and I miss everything you have described….i need to visit again…thank you for sharing this lovely post…..danny

    • no worries danny! glad i could reignite some nostalgia :)
      what was your favourite part of NYC?

  3. Personal I think NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world for a camera and I can’t wait .. only 2 months left now. My little powerful one will go mental. *laughing.
    You have done a fantastic collection here … my favorite must be the first Central Park … that I going to spend sometime together with in September.

    • ahhh lucky you!! that is so exciting!! :)
      you must let me know how your trip goes!
      hope you have a fabbbbbulous time! 😀

  4. Hope you have an amazing time! I have always wanted to go to NY too! Hope to see some of the pictures on your blog when you return :)

    • Thank-you very much Carla! :)
      Even collecting all the photos I was trying to imagine myself there… Ahh girl can dream 😛

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