Celebrating Freedom

“And now [i’m] back, from out of space….”

Well… I’m not sure wether quoting the lyrics of ‘I Will Survive’ is the best way to celebrate my return from the previous life of being snowed under by exams and THE COMPLETION OF SCHOOL! (crazy dance) – but ya know, let’s role with it… naturally even after a week I am clearly brain dead.

blue beach

In order to save my sister from painfully watching my freedom as she continues her exams my friend and I headed off to the beach for a bit of much needed (more like essential) rest, relaxation and recuperation.

blood orange gelato

It was purely: eat. sleep. movie. repeat
NOTE: this has now become my mantra for the rest of the holidays

Beach side
Chuck a bit Thor 2 in gold-class in, some ace tunes and a touch of shopping and you’ve got yourself the ultimate weekend.

vanilla milkshake

Stay tuned for some drool worthy recipes and rockin DIYS.

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    • thanks! it sure feels great! 😀
      you bet! all the time in the world to do a different colour everyday :)

    • thanks Uru!! 😀
      you bet!! life is TOTALLY peaking!
      we can do annnnnnything we want – woo! 😀
      how are you enjoying it? :)

      • OMG I am dying, going out so much and lazing around equally 😀
        You deserve to enjoy I hope you are having a blast haha
        Have fun at schoolies if you are going!

        • isn’t it the life!? 😀
          thanks! schoolies shall be rockin! 😛
          have fun as well! you deserve it :)

    • thank-you!! 😀
      and you bet! even though it was so cold when we bought it, the deliciousness definitely outweighed the coldness 😛

    • i know! 😀 it is actually the BEST thing to happen to ice-cream. ever. 😛

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