Italy Photo Diary ~ Under that Tuscan Sun

florence domeSitting back at home, in that classic Aussie Summer heat, watching the tennis (of course!) thinking back to my time in Tuscany, the firsts words that come to mind would definitely have to be; rustic, charming, artistic and the obvious… shopping (sorry bank account… my bad…)

florence stores

Panini Heaven

Panini Heaven

Get ready to be slammed by photos as I really couldn’t stop snapping…

florence bridges

I couldn't not take a photo of this adorable dog... I mean just look at him...

I couldn’t not take a photo of this adorable dog… I mean just look at him… he’s in a jumper!

The village charm remained in this beautiful city as we looked out from the bell tower, seeing terracotta roof infinity. Well that was until they sprinkled out on the famous Tuscan country side, which sent me into uncontrollable dreams of me sunning myself all year round, reclining and sipping Chianti wine and eating bread dipped in local olive oil and balsamic vinegar…. ahhh girl can dream….

florence viewNot to mention having love hearts pounding out of my eyes as I window shopped… well… maybe a little bit of shopping… my suitcase would testify against the ‘little’ shopping… Zara, you are my second home.ย Theย leather, oooohhh that leather, you just gotta buy some while your there, the options and range is endless, I officially give you permission to go mad there – there’s no judgement here.

leather for dayyyyyyys

leather for dayyyyyyys

Vintage shop bliss

Vintage shop bliss ~ where I bought this knit

Our stay wouldn’t of been complete without visiting both Sienna and San Gimignano; magnificent medieval towns, still surrounded by the rolling hills and fascinating history at every corner.

view in San Gimiagno

Everything about this region just made me grin (well that’s a little understatement…), the food, the beauty, the art. You really can’t beat it my friends!

Pizza - you rock my world

Pizza – you rock my world

florence decorationsil duomo florenceSo now there’s only one thing left to do… go pack your bags and hop the first flight to Tuscany!

Can I live here?

Can I live here?

tuscan sunsettuscan pastaflorence fruit shoppisa

It was so hard to pick a flavour... everytime

It was so hard to pick a flavour… every time.

florence city view

My good mate, the cookie.

My good mate, the Cookie.

florence bridge

Favourite town; San Gimignano

I just wanna have an all day picnic at the Boboli Gardens I just wanna have an all day picnic at the Boboli Gardens


Venchi Gelati... oh how I wish there was a store in Australia

Venchi Gelati… oh how I wish there was a store in Australia

Thanks for stopping by (and taking the time to scroll through that mammoth amount of photos!) :)
Daisy and the Fox


  1. I am loving following your gorgeous photos from your holiday! I was in Italy as well recently, we totally could have run into each other haha but I feel like I can relate to you when it comes to being in awe of the food and culture ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Thanks Uru! :)
      No way! That’s awesome! Where’d you go there? And how goooood was that pasta ๐Ÿ˜›
      Happy holidays :)

  2. Oh my, those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Now I really want to go to Tuscany… Maybe I’ll settle and just watch Under the Tuscan Sun again. :-)

    • Thank-you very much :)
      Oh you must sometime, it is just like a dream there!
      I hear ya- driving through the country side it reminded me so much of that movie – perfect for when the Italy withdrawal symptoms kick in ๐Ÿ˜€

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