Musing A La Mode ~ Sister Style: Casual Autumn

boho kimono

Start of Uni:
Pros = learning things I can actually apply to life – yay!
Cons = study…. a 3 month holiday still doesn’t seem long enough to recover from the last year of school (despite when you reassess your desk situation and realise there is a pile of dust on it…)

vintage blue fashion
But there’s really nothing like dining out with Vietnamese food (which was to diiiiie for bye the way) with fab company and a whollle lotta laughs. Really takes you back to the holidays… as if Uni never started.
*note: I am still totally in the holiday zone* (it’s hard to shake off… you know how it is)

Rice Paper Wraps are simply heaven

Rice Paper Wraps are simply heaven

And after a good Summer of shopping, it was also prime time to wear those buys!
Whilst pairing our flowly hot weather clothes with Autumn warmth.

As you may notice, this is also the very first ‘Sister Style‘ post!
My twin sissy (whom goes by Katrina, but I really call her a handful of names…) and I share both a similar but also very different sense of style, which I’m sure you’ll see as this series continues.
Here we will share our ‘same same but different’ versions of certain pieces and styles, giving you daily inspiration to suit all different styles – enjoy!

boho kimono
vintage blue fashion
boho kimono
vintage blue fashion
green kimono
vintage blue fashion
Katrina (Blue)
Levi Jeans (similar), Vintage Bag (similar), Gingham Cheque Top (similar), Shoes (similar), Cardigan (similar)

Me (kimono)
High Waisted Black Jeans (similar), Shoes (similar), Kimono (similar), Jolie & Dean Necklace (similar)

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    • Thanks Uru!
      Nothing like casual comfort and Asian food to set a day right :)

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