The Sandwich Series: Avocado on Bread 4 Ways

avocado on bread 4 ways
I loooove Saturdays.
Yes because it’s the weekend.
Yes because it is takeaway night.

and Yesssssss because it’s fresh bread day!

Only the BEST day of the week! dahhhhh

And the moment that fresh bread walks through the door, it’s time to crack out the avos and whip up one of the best combos on earth…

Avocado & Bread.


Simple but Effective. 

I actually have this almost everyday for lunch… I just can’t control myself… it’s that good ya know?

And one of the fannnnn-tibly-astic things about this classic combo is the complete and total versatility!

avocado on bread 4 ways

You like Asian flavours? Knock yourself out!
Like a little spice and all thangs nice? Chuck a little o’ that in!
Got a fetish for pesto like me? Spoon a good amount it onnn
Feta tickle your fancy? Crumble that allll over

…whilst still getting that delicious creamy avocado goodness and bready perfection!
You can virtually amp up your favourite flavours in any style you like – enjoy!

avocado on bread 4 ways

the simple is a relevant nickname I find for this one, so quick to whip with minimal time, minimal ingredients but with super spice deliciousness

avocado and dukkah

– slice of good quality bread (sourdough, pane de casa) 
– butter to spread on bread
– half a halved avo
– 2 tablespoons lemon juice
– 1 tablespoon dukkah

1. spread a thin layer of butter on the bread (this really makes it, believe me.)
2. slice the avocado lengthways, spoon out, and fan onto the bread.
3. squeeze over lemon juice, and sprinkle with dukkah.
(or mash the avocado together with the lemon juice)

the invention, one of my mums personal favourites where the lemon pepper is truly the secret. Do the avo and pesto on 2 slices of bread and fill with normal fillings below and you got yourself a sensational sandwich to boot!

avocado, pesto and lemon pepper
– 2-3 heaped tablespoons of basil pesto
– half a halved avo
– sliced tomato
– lemon pepper to taste
– handful of rocket

1. spread the pesto over the bread, slice the avocado lengthways, spoon out, and fan onto the bread.
2. top with sliced tomato, then sprinkle over lemon pepper and top with rocket.

the classic, this is my go to when we go out for breakfast, I know you’d think I’d be over it or try something different, but sometimes this classic goodness is always callin’ my name

avocado, feta and basil
– half a halved avocado
– 2 tablespoons lemon juice
– feta amount to liking (it’s truly a personal thang…)
– basil to garnish
– olive to sprinkle over (optional)

1. slice the avocado lengthways, spoon out, and fan onto the bread.
2. squeeze over lemon juice, crumble over feta, and garnish with basil.
(or mash the avocado together with the lemon juice)

the personal favourite, this avo perfection happened purely by chance in a scrummage of left over ingredients, but turned out for the best. As a self-confessed Asian food lover, this ticked alllll the boxes.

vietnamese avocado on bread

– half a halved avocado
– cucumber, 3 peeled slices
– carrot, 3 peeled slices
– 1-2 tablespoons crushed cashews
– vietnamese mint to garnish
– spring onion to garnish

– 1 teaspoon sweet chilli sauce
– 1/2 lime worth of juice
– 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger

1. slice the avocado lengthways, spoon out, and fan onto the bread.
2. top with cucumber, carrot, crushed cashews and garnish with the vietnamese mint and spring onions
3. spoon over the chilli dressing

There you have it folks!
4 fantabulous and super easy avocado on bread recipes ready for your lunch time cravings – enjoy!

avocado on bread 4 ways

and as i always say…. “don’t forget to season!” (my sister pretty much sings this as she makes her lunch)

avocado on bread 4 ways
which would you pick?

avocado on bread 4 ways
Hope you all have the best week! And that your lunches are filled with avo & bread goodness :)

avocado on bread 4 ways
Thanks for stopping by!


    • thank-you lovely! :)
      Dukkah is an Egyptian spice blend made from roasted nuts, seeds and spice
      it’s sooooooo good – super delish even with turkish bread, dipped in olive oil, then give it a nice dunk in the spices- soooo good :)
      hope your having a great weekend!

    • Thank-you very much!
      I agree – one of my favourite things :) so easily pleased we are 😛

    • I second that :p I don’t know what I’d eat for lunch if I didn’t have them haha
      And thank-you very much! :)

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