Asian Noodle Markets

asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets
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Asian Noodle Markets
asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets
asian noodle markets Pho
asian noodle marketsThere’s some pretty good ways to spend your spring nights… but when it’s balmy, warm and the sunset is absolutely killin’ it, in all honestly, the Noodle Markets seems to be the only place to be.

It’s like a fully perfect evening PLUS noodles!
Sariously, what could be better?? (I’m just at a loss for what beats this…)

In my wee little youth I used to dread the words “it’s chinese takeaway night”…. well that was also the same years I refused to season my food… so naturally, you can see I wasn’t thinking straight.
BUT now I’m here is full swing and in full support for Asian food.
Heck, all you need to even say is udon noodles and i’ll be there with bells on… you’ll hear me runnin’ from miles away. (Say noodles….. I dare you…)

So, with the perfect situation of the Asian Noodle Markets in the Melbourne CBD, I thought; there is no way I’m gonna miss this, I mean, it’s like saying no to dessert… yep, pretty impossible.

The gal pals were rallied, and wallets were ready, the stomachs were rumbling… oh yes… it was noodle time.
I love noodle time.

The markets were bustling with people, all geared up and rearing for delicious food, pretty much a great atmosphere filled with great food! What more could you want!
The options were endless and picking what to order, well… that was some hard decision making right there… (lucky I have decisive friends!)

I’m so pumped for next year Asian Noodle Markets 2.0. So pumped.

P.S. I have a confession, before the Asian Noodle Markets… I had never had Pho… (shock horrrrorrr) well the biggest loser there was me, because I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON THIS AMAZINGNESS MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! (therefore I guess I gotta make up for it…. by eating a whooolllleee lottaa Pho… life is gonna peak.)

P.P.S. Hope you like the self hosted site! All thanks to pipdig, it’s just the way imagined it. High-five to being a self-hosted site! Woo!

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  1. Your new site is GORGEOUS girl! Congrats on the self-hosting, good for you 😀 – much braver soul than I haha
    I love the delicious photos here, I need some Asian cuisine asap now!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Thanks so much Uru! :)
      ooo boy i wish these markets were open all summer long, wouldn’t that be a dream? 😛
      hope your holidays are going awesomely 😀

  2. Beautiful site and photos! I’ve been contemplating doing it for way too long. You’ll have to tell me how it works out!

    • Thank-you very much Amanda! your always so sweet :)
      i sure will! if you’re ever hunting around, here’s the website i did it via;
      Phillip who runs pipdig is super helpful and very quick 😀

  3. Sigh. I love this post – the low light images, food, colours, words… beautiful. I’m not a big Asian food fan (weird, I know – I think it’s my English heritage. Aaron is trying to convert me as he loves it) but I do love night markets. And coconuts. Everything looks so Summery and beautiful – I’m loving these balmy nights xx

    • Thanks a bunch Laura! 😀
      Yep, it sure was a night for everyone! Even for the atmosphere is was so worth it :)
      hope everything is going well, and that your trip was absolutely amazing! xxx

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