Chunky Vegetable Lasagna for ‘The Food Collective ebook’

chunky vegetable lasagna
Okay yes…. there have been times where people have assumed I’m a vegetarian…

Maybe it’s because I eat veggies thrice times a day..
Or maybe it’s because I could eat a huge bowl of roast veggies for lunch… 7 times a week
Or maybe it’s because I choose them on cafe menus with such excitement you’d think I was eating margherita pizza for the first time in my life.

But to be perfectly honest… I just love them whole heartedly with my big veggie lovin heart.
(okay, i’ve just said the word ‘veggie’ a kazillion more times than humanly normal… I promise, I’ll stop. In a minute.)

chunky vegetable lasagna
So, it couldn’t of been more fitting when I was asked to contribute to ‘The Food Collective ebook’ with a vegetarian or vegan recipe.
You can just imagine my mind jumping to roast veggies can’t you…

So that’s just what I did, made a veggie lasagna, with a little tweaking, ya know how it is.
Originally based off the Italian dish; Eggplant Parmigiana we eventually got to ‘Chunky Vegetable Lasagna’.
You’ve got your deliciously generous servings of pumpkin, eggplant, cheese (ohhh yeahhhh, a hella lotta cheese), spinach and all things pasta and good.
Not gonna lie, this dish was definitely cleared by 3 people in one sitting… just sayin’.

chunky vegetable lasagna
The Food Collective ebook is packed with mouth watering recipes from fellow instafoodies building awareness and raising money for a worthy cause and, well, is too good opportunity to be missed!
So to get this recipe and many more, get your horses ready!

The book is out in February, costs $1o and all of the proceeds will go to support @organicconsumers a non-profit fighting for health, justice and sustainability for our planet.

It’s a win win situation folks!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy that veggie goodness!


  1. I adore your lasagne my friend, it looks absolutely delicious (and perfect for a veggie like myself!)
    Congrats on contributing to an awesome e-book 😀
    And enjoy your holidays!!!

    Choc Chip Uru

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