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400 gradi
400 gradi
400 gradi
If we’re going to talk about pizza, we may as well go in full throttle…
Pizza isn’t just a food preference… it’s a way of life.

Imma soundin’ a bit cray cray but hear me out y’all.
Let’s think… we go weeks (or heaven forbid, months) without pizza and we start getting a hefty craving… We start to piece together everything we are looking for in a slice… thin crust, simplistic toppings, stringy cheese.. mmmmm
You can really get what your want.. it’s your imagination!

I really don’t wanna admit how long pizza had been out of my life for… but long enough that I had the ultimate margarita dreamed up;
Beautifully wood fired, and herb infused tomato base with cheese perfection and seasoning to a T. Oh and the crust.. oh that crust – the best bit!
Well my friends, as it goes, (and as you wouldn’t believe) all my pizza dreams were answered… answered from one absolute god send of a restaurant, and not to mention winners of best margarita pizza in the world (that’s right… world.)
400 Gradi.

I was so keen to get there hearing the reviews, and boy we were not disappointed. With a modern, industrial vibe, still encompassing fine dining, this is the ultimate place to hit up on your night off.
With a pizza menu that even for the most decisive person has trouble picking from, you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles everybody’s fancy.
But of course an Italian restaurant wouldn’t be complete without an additional array of pasta options (winnnn) and a wine menu.
To be honest, you just can’t go wrong here!
Unfortunately a mortal human can only consume so much… so you spend the rest of the time salivating over other tables meals… I guess I’ll just have to go back again… what. a. bummmmmerrrr.

So for those of you dreamin’ up pizza tonight in your slumbers… I can only hope you’ll experience pizza heaven at 400 Gradi.

400 gradi
400 gradi
400 gradi
400 gradi
400 gradi
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  1. Thanks Uru! :)
    This was the ULTIMATE way to finish a pizza drought 😛

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