What’s been goin’ onnnnnnnnnnn ~ exciting news!!

notting hill
I have issues…..
and by that I mean timing issues (and no… I have no idea what you mean by food addiction issues….)

I am chronically late. All the time.
Without a doubt I will be anywhere from 5mins to 45mins late to everything. Nope, never early, always bloomin’ late.
This is serious guys.
I try, I realllllllyyyyyyy try. But for some reason, I just “can’t stop mother natures’ vindictive fury” (insert unintentional She’s the Man quote).
I poorly misjudge my time, and always end up arriving somewhere sweaty and out of breath, not cool man, nooooot kewlll. (cause you just gotta sprint to places in public… sometimes…).

BUT! This ain’t all me/ I have a scapegoat excuse. I read somewhere on the internet (of course a reliable source… may or may not of been a random Facebook link) that there actually are some of us who think a minute goes longer than it does THUS we are late.
BOOM. Proof in the pudding.
I don’t hate you if i’m late…. I just have a severe misconception of what a minute is. yeah.
A minute is 80 seconds right? haha I kid. But seriously, not a joking matter Bec.

notting hill
So anyways…. I’m talking about timing cause… well slightly unrelated segway… I gotta say “i’m sorry for my absence!!”
Yep, I definitely said I’d be posting more here in London, but look what I’ve done…. told a bit of a boo boo and well, for the sake of my segway, been mega late in posting!
But again, my reason; I’ve been crazzzzayyyy busy!! (good busy I promise… I wouldn’t work 7 days a week if it wasn’t!)

notting hill

If you didn’t know, I’m a part-time nanny, and around a month ago I got a job working as a part-time barista/waitress in a newly opened cafe ‘Chief Coffee‘!
Being apart of the opening was such an ah-mazzz-ing experience! Fab people, fab coffee! Win win friends!
Anyways the exciting news is that, thanks to the wonderful and supportive staff at Chief Coffee, Daisy and the Fox is going to be launched as a business!!
Pretty much, I’ve been given the ah-mazzz-ing opportunity from Chief Coffee to sell my Daisy and the Fox original products at the cafe!
We’re talking cakes, tarts, gourmet sandwiches, sweet & savoury (creativity implossssion!!!)  you name it!
(and expect to see the Daisy and the Fox classics to be amongst them… enter Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake with Macadamia Praline)
Looking into the big ol’ long term, I’d love to expand this as a business to market stalls here in London as well as catering – but baby steps is da way!

The whole idea of this right now is a bit of a ‘pinch me’ moment!
A year ago, let alone, 2 months ago when I hoped the plane to London, I never imagined this happening and everything falling into place!
How many times can I say ah-mazzz-ing and excitement?! Once more! (could I use more exclamation marks?? 😛 )

granger & co{Ricotta Hotcakes with Banana and Honeycomb Butter ~ Granger & Co — new favourite cafe!)

But, as of this Saturday I’m off on my 5 week venture of Europe!!
Reunited with my best friend and sister, excitement levels are even more peaking.
Seriously, pinch me?

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to bring my whopper of a heavy camera backpacking, but I’m still gonna have my mini canon at the ready! Prepare to be travel picture slammmmmmedddd!!
You can follow my instagram for daily updates on the trip until I get back – wooooo!!

So when I get back from the trip, I’m going full throttle in the kitchen! Expect some foodie goodies from Daisy and the Fox to be sold at Chief Coffee from October-September 2015. (Of course I’ll keep you all updated here and on instagram)
And while we’re on the topic, if you have any business enquiries at all, i’d love to hear from you at: daisyandthefox@gmail.com (

Until the next post!!
Have happy days my friends!!
(and I’ll leave you with these pictures I took on some mini london day adventures to Notting Hill, plus some photographs I took for Chief Coffee! and yep, it’s got a pinball lounge. = 1000 point bonus)

chief coffee
chief coffee
chief coffee
chief coffee
chief coffee
notting hill

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  1. These photos are GORGEOUS, Bec and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU/ABOUT THIS! What an amazing opportunity… and in London?! Yassss! Isn’t it wonderful how things in life just have a way of falling into place? <3

  2. These photos are GORGEOUS, Bec, and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU/ABOUT THIS! What an amazing opportunity… and in London?! Yasssss! Isn’t it wonderful how things in life just have a way of falling into place? <3

    • Thanks so much Abby!! It’s so crazy exciting! Can’t believe it :) and so exciting about you in Paris! Can’t wait to meet up! :) xx

  3. Hi Bec love what you have done!!! Miss all the action around here!! Mumma Bear

  4. So exciting(!!!) to here about your adventures in London! Selling your baked goods sounds like a wonderful idea and I’m honestly a bit jealous… If I could sell my baked goods somewhere it’d mean that I could bake so much more and still not spend too much money! Happy travels! :)

    • Thanks so much thea!! It’s all so exciting I just have to pinch myself! 😛
      It’s crazy that I’m going to be paid for something that I’d do happily for free! Doesn’t heven feel like a job :)hope all is going well! Xx

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