A European Summer ~ Berlin, Prague Vienna Photo Journal


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sachertore cakes

Europe, as I’m sure my wise friends you’re all aware of, has soooooo many countries… none of which really even crossed my mind to visit!
But that’s the beauty of this little tour thang called ‘Contiki’.

— To put it simply, Contiki is pretty much an Australian’s right of passage, in their young adulthood, to at some point, build up the courage to hop on a bus, full of complete strangers, and country hop for a number of days/weeks, in a tour group.
It’s open for all… but 99.95% of the group was Australian, and I find when ever I mention it to anyone else not from down under, they nod along politely until I realise I didn’t get that ‘oooo rowdy crazy fun times’ smirk when I mention ‘Contiki’.

We did Contiki for just over a week, and lemme tell ya. Best. Decision. Ever.
Departing London, we went Amsterdam (so bummed, ma photos were somehow deleted… don’t blame it on me… don’t blame it on the sunshine… blame it on the boogie), then Berlin, Prague and finished up in Vienna!

Soooooo much happened in the space of those days, i’m afraid to say…. imma kinda foggy on the whole thang… i’m just glad I wrote a travel journal
(my memory has literally plummeted.. I don’t blame it on the boogie this time… but my excess tv watching as of lately…)

But first things first – BERLIN!
Oh what a history packed place that is. We were staying right near the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall, which was an artists dream to see! Seriously, my arty sista was vibin’ out big time.
Oh, and the pretzels OH and this chocolate store (damn can’t remember the name — seeeeeeee ma memoryyyyyy… note to self… start doing sudoku to retrain mind) THIS chocolate store, I kid you not, you could design your own chocolate block. I’m talkin’ pick out of the kazillion flavour options, pick milk or white, and pretty much design it. If that’s not heaven, then I don’t know what is. happy days in Berlin. 

Now this city has officially made it to one of my favourite cities (not hard as I’m easily impressed but STILLLLLL)
An unexpected beauty i’m gonna say. The old town and it’s cobbled walk ways, beautiful river views, culture, FOOD.
We did a sweet little bike ride around the city, did a ghost tour, paddle boated, ate, yeahhhh pretty romantic stuff here.
Imma say, I’m gonna get back there some day.

Once again, no surprise here. Another stunner of a city. I could almost imagine it at christmas time, fairy lights, music and all (I guess that’s cause Christmas is the best time of the year… isn’t it? says 5 year old Bec).
We went all out here and went to a concert. Cause apparently, that’s the Viennese thang to do! So we did! Opera and all. Too bad the fanciest shoes I had were birkenstocks… *enter birkenstocks tan line, cause they are the only shoe I wore for 5 weeks straight
Vienna is also the city I first tried ‘Trdelnik’, and that’s the day my life began. I didn’t exist before I tried this dessert. Think coiled doughnutty dough, warm, and rolled in cinnamon sugar, nuts and toffee. Yep. I went there. Life complete (<<< people throw that saying around a lot, but I’m dead serious).
Oh, and guess what! (alright, you may not freak out as much as me, but i seriously fan girled…. at a hotel…) we ate at the original birthplace of the Sachertorte Cake! At Hotel Sacher!! Well, I was jumpin’ out of my metaphorical boots with excitement.
Vienna was also the city we farewelled our fare weathered Contiki pals! You grow together so quickly, it is, as my friend said, like hopping off a theme park ride, which went for 9 days.

SULZBURG! (The Home of the Sound of Music)
We only spent one day in the picturesque town, but it give us that little taste of the more village-esc Austria.
It really was just a day to wander, get lost, eat, and maybe even have a doze on the grass…

(it’s brief review stuff here, imma let the images do the talkin’, plus my tv watched out brain has failed me on memory once again…. blame it on the boogie)

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    • Abby! Thanks a bunch girlie!! :)
      Contiki is a young people tour group -sooooo fun!!!
      Good luck with the move! 😀

  1. Love Berlin! Was there this summer and it is truly a history packed city.
    Population of 3.5 million people, Berlin is Germany’s largest city. It is edgy, hip, clean but friendly and laid-back too! Had the best hot chocolate at Fassbender & Rausch.

    • Perfect summary of the city! :)
      isn’t it the best place!
      oooooooo i wish i had tried those hot chocolates – i guess i’ll be back then! 😀

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