A European Summer ~ Paris Photo Journal

Paris at sunset
Monet's Garden
Arc de Triomphe
the louvre
Man, this city has so many positive connotations, you can see why everybody flocks to this city!
Food, culture, architecture, history, art, and oh yeah… also the city of love. How could a singleton forget!

But I flocked to this city, oh boy did I flock.
I flocked (should I say flocked one more time?) to have the reunion of a lifetime with my sister and best friend! (2 months, it had been 2 long months). And man what a better city to reunite in then Paris.

Of course champagne was requested to celebrate at dinner (little did we know that when we said “your cheapest bottle of champagne please” we really said “please sir, that glistening bottle of 60 euro champagne, from champagne in france, please, thank-you, cheap drinking…”)… how young and naive we were, throwing around cash like that on the first day.
We also went all out and had snails. Yep. Those things that could also be slugs without a shell. Also known as escargot. Also a delicacy. Also….. tasted surprisingly like garlicy mushrooms… There you go, our first cultural eating stint done on the first night.

Now onto the sites…
They say the first time you see the eiffel tower it becomes this beautiful beacon and semi makes you well up… well that’s what I was told… and yep, the rumours are true. We only saw from a distance walking along the Seine river at dusk… and I kid you not… it was a pinch me moment. It. Was. Stunning.
Within our 3 day stay, and after about 1000000000 kilometres walked (okay, you got me, I’m exaggerating… but seriously… 10000000 kilometres) we managed to tick off all those ‘must see Paris monuments’, along with a cheeky river cruise to give us a break from walking in the stifling summer heat.
But you know was beautiful?
You guessed it… Monet’s Garden.
No wonder the man was inspired, this place was better than postcards! Floral galore. Something to not be missed.

One of my stand out favourite memories of this city is when we went to this small grocery store, and bought freshly baked baguette, cheese, strawberries, cheese, avocado, sundried tomatoes, croissants, choc croissants and orangina (cause, you can’t not) and had our own little picnic right in front of the eiffel tower.
Oh and another for you, sitting with a view of the Roue de Paris, eating ice-cream and vibing out near the fountains.
Food Bliss. View Bliss. Company Bliss. = heaven.
Oh yeah, we also got stuck in Paris due to the eurostar protests (poor us stuck in the world of croissants, and the planet of crepes) and had to stay an extra night (oh poor us) and on a food related topic once more, (what’s new) we found the most adorable family run bakery, who sold the most delicious fresh croissants and pastries, so yep, we sat in the park and devoured them too.
Not too shabby.

Oh and we also hit rock bottom/made the best travel decision ever and bought and selfie stick… believe me, best purchase of the trip.

Thanks for staying tuned to this essay of a post!
This is CHAPTER 1 of my europe holiday photo journal, so stay tuned for more! (amongst many upcoming recipes that I’ve been working on for you all :) )

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  1. OMG BEC PARIS IS GORGEOUS AND YOUR PHOTOS ARE GORGEOUS AND I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE THE BEAUTY. On a slightly related, slightly unrelated topic… um, I’m leaving in a WEEK. What the heck, I am SO not ready… hahah?

    Anyways, lovely post. Pretty-pretty photos. I can’t wait to see more about your trip soooon! <3 xoxo

    • AHhhhh thanks so much Abby!!
      and ahhhhhh it’s so soon!!!
      You’re going to be so great :)
      Let me know if you have any last minute questions!

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