Corn on the Cob with Chilli, Lime & Coriander Butter

corn on the cob with chilli, lime, coriander butter
After being away for 5 weeks, one week of that spent on a boat sailing around the Greek Islands, you sorta get a chance to reconnect with life’s simple pleasures.
For someone like me, that mainly consists of good food, warm balmy nights, fab company, seeing new things, and for the sailing part… this may sound wierd… and unusually deep… but that wind in the hair, and watching the “yoghurt” like water wade by (why do I also seem to relate everyday things to food….)

Once again going back to food, another one of lifes best simple pleasures, is held between comforting humble husks, goes by the name ‘corn on the cob’ and sings life’s praises with generous slab of butter, salt and pepper.
It’s like a big old hug from mum really, and takes you back.
well, for me it certainly does… even though corn tends to be a summer staple, we indulged in the simple corn combo on a cold winters night.
And I can just remember begging for it whenever the weather would turn.

After seeing corn been sold as street food all around Istanbul… I knew what I was craving when I got off the plane…

corn on the cob with chilli, lime, coriander butter

And look, let’s be honest, when your eating it, even the prettiest eaters can chew their way out of this butter burster… i know i certainly can’t, and that’s half the fun of these yellow joys.
No knives and forks needed here!
Hallelujah, I will officially not be the only grub. YUssssssssss. Maybe I’ll have to provide bibs for everyone eating them, just so we can all look exxxxxtra kewlllllll.

Also, in this recipe you get to season your butter, so if you’re a mega seasoning fan like me, you will be essentially tasting your butter. straight butter. ya know. all in the name of flavour balance.
for some they may freak out at the fact of eating straight butter, but I’ve got one gal pal who will eat straight butter whenever she gets the chance… just saying… I won’t judge you… especially with this butter cause
a) its got bursts of flavour to offer
b) you’ve just made a slab of butter with this, and will most definitely have some left over, which will go killer on your fresh baguette, jazz up your next béchamel sauce, sautee your mushrooms, and even cook with your fish!
— really, this butter is your oyster (if that adapted saying worked at all…. I meant it to be a version of ‘the world is your oyster’…. but I know that failed…)
corn on the cob with chilli, lime, coriander butter


4 corn on the cob
250g butter, room temperature
1/4 cup coriander
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 chilli, roughly chopped
Juice of 3 lime
salt and pepper to season
200g feta

1. Place the butter, coriander, cayenne pepper, cayenne pepper, chilli, lime and seasoning in a food processor and blitz until well combined. Mould back into a block of butter, and chill in the fridge whilst you cook the corn.
2. Heat a griddle pan over medium-high heat. Pull back the husks on the corn, remove the silk, and place on the pan for around 6-8 minutes, turning, until charred and cooked all around.
3. Spread butter over the corn, then garish with feta, coriander and some freshly squeezed lime and enjoy!


  1. This looks awesome – sad that corn season is still a while away here!! Definitely trying it out – usually we just end up eating corn plain off the cob in summer but these toppings look incredible.
    And yes – corn everywhere in Istanbul right? Plus all of the simit and kebabs EVERYWHERE. So good. How long ago were you there?

    • Thanks so much Claudia!
      hehe isn’t corn the bestttttt balmy night dinner snack?
      Ahhh the kebabs!!! We were told about this ‘famous’ kebab place of the beaten track, and I kid you not, most amazing, simple kebabs i’ve eveerrrr had! 😀
      I was there around 2 1/2 weeks ago :)
      how’d you find istanbul?

  2. I LOVED istanbul – probably my favourite place we visited in Turkey. I am definitely a city girl! Hoping to do a blog post/photo diary on it sometime soon.
    We must have almost been there at the same time – I was there just over 3 weeks ago now! Xx

    • That’s awesome! Did you go to the hot air balloons area in Turkey? (can’t remember the name haha) cause i’ve been wanting to do that for ages!
      Fabulous! I’ll stay tuned for the post – yay!
      Yeah we must’ve been, how crazy is that! 😛

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