Greek Islands
greek islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands
There’s a lot to share about your travels to your nearest and dearest.
Best food (well duh, espesh for this little food lovin’ gal), best tourist sites, weird hostel experiences (coming from a kid whose had some weird hostel experiences… let’s save that story for a rainy day shall weeeeeeeeee) and well of course, to answer one of the most asked questions (guilllttyyyyy) “which was your favourite country gurlll?” (I definitely say gurrllllll way more then socially expectable…)

To be honest, each city was mega beautiful in each of it’s individual ways, but I don’t know wether it was the end of trip exhaustion or a need of ocean water to dive into, but Greece was hands down the place I just lurrrrrveeeddd.
Big hearts for you Greece!!
And we’re talking Greek Islands mateys. Them sea side chills. Waves n’ daiquiris. Ya feelin’ me?

The week pretty much consisted of ‘eat, sleep, swim, chill repeat’. Ohhhh yeahhhhhh.
Swimming in crystal blue water, paddle boarding, card games, wandering the small quiet islands, watching mega amazing beautiful colourful breathtaking (more adjectives please?) sunsets, vibing out on the seat on the tip of the boat, numerous games of king cup (note to self: don’t play just before climbing a couple of hundred stairs… it won’t be easy….).

I didn’t choose the boat life, the boat life chose me.
Well, for the 8 days, me liked it a lot. Couldn’t of been more chill.
That ocean water (despite treading it for around 1 hour everyday whilst attempting to play volleyball between boats), was just heavenly. I’m going back. Mark my words. Cross my heart. *Spit hand shake*

But now, I should talk about the food shouldn’t I? Well, imma say it anyway.
The Gyros (aka souvlakis with chips inside OMG) where so amazing cheap and sooooooo fricken good.
The Pita with halloumi (that I recreated here) was hands down one of the best things on the trip.
The baklava, oh so syrupy and finger-licking good!! So good, I had to recreate it in the form of a croissant.
Yah, Greece had a lil’ influence over me.

In the words of our good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger.
“I’ll be back”

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  1. LOVE your photos here, all those blues and sunsets are just begging me to go to Greece!! Definitely very high up on the list of places to visit (along with Israel..everything about that country, food included, looks amazing!). Your days on the boat sound insanely relaxing, too – eat sleep swim repeat is something I could easily get on board with (oops, that pun was seriously entirely accidental!!).
    And YES, gyros are the best! I made some a few months ago based on the ones at Jimmy Grants with feta-tossed fries and homemade pita and they remain one of my favourite dinners ever.
    Hope your week has gone well!
    Claudia xx

    • Thanks so much Claudia!
      Oh Greece is just amazing – you must go! :)
      hahaha the boat life is definitely THE life <3
      ohhh gyros with feta tossed fries sounds amazing!!
      Hope you're having a wonderful week!

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