After spending just under a month traipsing our way around Europe, arriving at Istanbul felt like arriving in a ‘whole new world’ (unintentional Aladdin quote).
Everything from the culture, food, and vibe was all so different, and to be perfectly honest, a nice change I welcomed with open arms!

We spent 4 days in Instanbul, and in prime position. So sight-seeing was just hanging on our doorstep.
The mosques were truly fascinating. I mean, man that tile and painting work. Respect to the hills. It’s amazing.
And while we’re on the topic, I would love a cloth made out of all those beautiful patterns, please and thank-you.

Once again, we opted to walk erreywhere.
I’m talkin’ across the river, up hills one should only ski down, to a tower with a 360 degree of Instanbul which we topped off by really getting into character and getting our old school turkish princess on. (take note disney for future film).

Oh and the Bazaars!
When they say it’s big. They really mean colossal in size. Imma not kiddin’. I don’t get easily overwhelmed, but I had no idea where to start in the Grand Bazaar. All I could so was try not to knock over all the plates….
#confessions of an accident prone gal
The Spice Bazaar was defiantly up my alley. We spent our time hoping between stores taking turkish delight samples, smelling spices and eating dates. Not tooooo shabbbbbyyyyyy.
I also managed to pick up a few turkish novelty pieces… cause seriously, who can’t? What even is budgeting…?

You know what we also did…. yep… we went to a Turkish Spa. Boy what an experience!
Note: not G rated. Nudity was definitely involved. Not intentionally.
A sauna was also experienced…. I never knew one could sweat that much… end of sweaty story.

A highlight you ask?
Oh yes! We were recommended to this authentic kebab place, where they made their food close to tradition.
And oh boy it did not disappoint. Off the beaten track places are always the best, and this place is a testament to that.
Simple food, done amazingly well.
We were very happy campers.

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  1. Haha we went to exactly the same kebab place I’m fairly sure!! The big horizontal wood-fired lamb kebab in Sultanhmet? With tomato-cucumber salad and a clay-pot of yogurt? We loved it too – I even put it on my Istanbul post a few weeks ago as well!
    And yes, the spice bazaar was definitely my favourite, as long as you can happily wander ignoring the many people trying to sell you their spices (which happen to be very similar to almost every other shop!). The turkish spa experience was pretty crazy too – I was dying after the fifteen minute sauna.
    Love your photos too, brings back so many memories! X

    • No way!! what a mega coincidence! yeah the horizontal kebab! Ahhhh such a small world this is hahaha (if that’s the right use of the saying :p )
      How amazing was it!
      So true! it’s nice not being beckoned anymore at shops now 😛
      How mental was the sauna experience! Man, i have no idea how people do it for so long – it’s madddnesss i tell ya 😛
      hope you’re having a lovely week!

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