UK ~ Dorset

I am a total sucker for the countryside. Just sayin’.
I dunno, something about the peacefulness, away from the crazy reality of the big city, tucked away on the humble land just feels sahhhhhh serene.
I mean, for one, you can actually see the stars at night ( #confessionsofa16yearoldstargazer), you’ve got so much room to roam and get back to nature.
And the little country villages are legit just tooooooooo cute/picture perfect/adorable/old school in a good way/rustic/where’s the horse drawn buggy/can I set up camp here?
Pretty much, I kinda have already planned my country retreat in my retirement years which will involve a lot of pie making from my future veggie patch accompanied by breeding border collies…
too far away to think about… you’re probably right….

Back to the present time!
For those of you who know, I am currently an Au Pair living in London, which comes with many a perks!
Numero uno of that being the holidays.
Dorset (the gorgeous south english countryside as pictured above), and soon to be seen a post from Menorca, Spain.
Work ain’t always feel like work when your surrounded by the scenery! Ya feelin’ me?

This particular house that we stayed in just captured me from the moment we arrived… I mean, 100% live off the land vegetable and fruit garden, eat your heart out! (mind the pun)
Seriously, homegrown zucchinis (courgettes as they are called here in the uk, which I completely keep forgetting, along with calling football still soccer, cause sometimes you just can shake them aussie roots) never tasted soooo damnnnnn gooood.
A herb garden for days, where only an eye hearted emoji can really express my love towards it.
It was heaven. Fresh produce has my heart forever.
And so does this property and all the cows on the field next door who happily stared at me like the models they are. You’re all stunning.

I even went for a jog around the narrow winding roads, where I definitely got lost, without phone signal, and had to wing each turn on the way home… but it was so damn beautiful, I was in a semi ‘omg is this even real it’s so pretty’ daze, that I was not even that bothered by the thought that I might not even be back for supper… ha ha I kid, who wants to miss out on dinner?! (motivation to get back home)

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