Milli’s Spanish Pop Up

spanish tapas

It appears I’m getting in the habit of popping off the internet for extended periods of time without a hello or goodbye…
My sincerest apologies ladies and gents. As I’ve discovered in the past month, I need

a) more hours in the day (and perhaps more sunlight would help too.. dark at 4.30pm whaattt evvennnn)
b) TO STOP HITTING THE SNOOZE BUTTON…. it will only end in tears…. and stubbing your toe on the bed… on the regular…
c) and wearing warm layers seems practical at first, but when you half awkward power walk and sprint between streets on your way to the station and work… you will end of taking off these layers, lugging them everywhere, and damning the day you thought wool was smart choice in autumn… whilst wiping sweat from your brow like your fighting off a fever

them first would problems…

spanish tapas

I’ve been galavanting sprinting about, having the best & craziest last month… maybe, possibly, potentially, ever.
And for a minute I’m gonna do the ‘WOW TIME FLYS’ thing but for reals. Where on earth did October go?

For 2 weeks of October, I was sooooooooooooo (x 100000) lucky enough to land an internship at Jamie Oliver Magazine, and get the most amazing experience of seeing what goes on behind the scenes to put it all together.
Recipe testing and the food styling (don’t get me started on the prop collection) was an absolute highlight, as well as meeting all the friendly, welcoming and passionate people behind the mag.
Just imagine a place where you can chat about food, non-stop, all day (and maybe do some taste testing along the way…).
Yah, it was pretty much heaven. Literally does not even feel like any sort of work. Just good old fashioned fun!
You just can’t put a price on these experiences.

spanish tapas
the gorgeous Milli Taylor (amazing caterer, cookbook author, blogger, supper club host and now POP UP RESTAURANTEUR aka the definition of talent) who I’m lucky enough to work with, had her 2 week Spanish Pop Up in Soho! It was, for real you guys, 2 of the most amazing weeks being Milli’s chef and part-time sing-along-buddy alongside the gorgeous Rosa Rigby, and Milli’s hardworking bro and mum.

It was all about honest spanish tapas. Delicious, hearty and man, so flavoursome! I pretty much ate the same thing everyday there… and nup, I’m still not sick of ‘potatas a lo pobre’, ‘squid ink croquetas’ or literally anything on the menu.. I kinda still want more… maybe right now… (man that Ox Stew is calling my name).
Perfectly cooked steak, paprika, garlic, chilli and potatoes, eggs and bags full of flavour were the name of the game. I know… it sounds tempting just reading it, doesn’t it.

So much hard work and love was poured into the restaurant, and after hearing the feedback, Milli has smashed it out of the water! There’s really nothing like an amazing team, delicious food, so so so many laughs, and friendly diners to make the days fly by and keep us powering on to the end!
It was such an honour to work for such fantastic people!

One thing is for sure, this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of Milli! This gorgeous gal is going places!
(here insta is @millitaylor for updates!)

Sooooo here are some pics I took to give you all a little visual taste of the amazing food!

spanish tapas
spanish tapas
spanish tapas
IMG_5973-1^^^ TEAMMMMMMM!! {middle: Milli, right: Rosa)

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  1. OMG Jamie Oliver Mag?!?! CONGRATS, GURRRRL!
    These photos are fab, btw, and ummmmmmm, like, the thing with the layers/power walking/lugging them layers everywhere…. I feel ya. :(


    • Thanks gall!!!! most amazing experience! 😀
      awww them winter feels!
      how is paris?!

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