Magnum ~ Release the Beast

Some say having dessert is decadence. As an everyday- dessert-doer I believe dessert is a necessity. What else would you have to look forward to all day? (I know, my life funnily revolves mostly around my meals, and planning future ones.)

The good thing about being a ‘daily dessert dabbler’ is you get to tinker about with a whole range of sweet possibilities, (as much as a mass stash of Anzac biscuits is a great humble fall back option). As a result of my sweet escapades, I can see that I seem to always resort to the fresh fruity side of dessert. Lemons & berries have a strong presence, as well as cinnamon and nuts (naturally). But if I really want to go all out, I’m sure you’ll agree, chocolate without a doubt. Even if the cake tin is empty, a warm rich beverage can always answer all my dessert queries (accompanying cookies essential).

Seen as we are talking all things indulgent, I may as well go out there and admit the hot chocolate ice-cream combo is a thing.


Hot and cold. Some will dispute. But in my books, it is 100% a thing. A sip for drink, a bit for the ice-cream, maybe a dip into the hot chocolate? No rules here!

So, I’m partnering with Magnum to celebrate the launch of their ‘Release the Beast’ range of Magnums with double the layers (you heard me right, ‘Double Chocolate’, ‘Double Caramel’ or ‘Double Peanut Butter’ ice-creams… let’s freak out together) I decided to ‘go double’ if I may, and be a crazy dessert woman and pair my ice-cold Double Chocolate with a rich warm hot chocolate.

Dessert done right.

This blog post was created in collaboration with Magnum Ice Cream. All opions, images and content is my own. 


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